Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Using Peanut Butter To Take Off Sticky Residue

I just found the best tip ever on how to remove the annoying sticky glue from labels on mugs, cups, plates, etc.  PEANUT BUTTER.

See the label peeping out from the left near the rim?

I bought a cherry blossom mug from Chinatown today and was annoyed the label didn't come off entirely so I took to the 'net to find a solution.  I saw this post from Milehimama about using peanut butter.  I tried her easy and quick method and it worked.  No scrubbing, peeling, or scratching involved.  Just spread the PB over the residue, wait a few mins and then gently scrape off with a plastic bread tie.
If you're allergic to PB, I guess this won't work for you :(

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