Thursday, August 22, 2013

Golden Apple Bangles by Eristic Patterns

I just won this really cute Golden Apple Bangles set from Eristic Patterns.  I think I'm in love.  The bangles are handmade with braided fabric and finished with a golden apple and a bunch of golden rings.   Check out her other handmade products.  She has the bangles in other colors and also make other Discordian themed things like rosaries and earrings. 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Before and After: Botched Pencil Dress to Gorgeous Wiggle Dress

Something must have "clicked" over the last few months when I started sewing clothes again.  This is the second dress I've made within a 7 day period from start to finish with little mistakes.  The latest finished dress is a rockabilly style wiggle dress.  I attempted to make one last year but didn't exactly follow directions and tried to wing it and it came out bad.  Like really bad.  So I put it away and out of sight, out of mind.  I decided to pull it back out a few days ago and try to salvage it.  There's nothing worse than wasting large amounts of fabric on something not finished.  So, armed with patience and a whole lot more knowledge, I have a gorgeous wiggle dress that I can't wait to wear out!

The original disaster dress that didn't fit right because I tried to wing it.
 I didn't like how I made the bodice on the original dress so I used the skirt part to make a new one.  I originally intended for the bodice to look more like the one I made on this dress last week but I ended up changing it into a boatneck.  The scoop neck wasn't working for this dress.  I knew I wanted a wiggle dress of some sort so I did a lot of research on Modcloth and Pin Up Girl Clothing to find as inspiration.  In the end, I used black twill fabric to make the skirt portion.

The gorgeous redo.
I'm so happy with how this turned out.  It's definitely a confidence booster knowing that I can make garments that fit well. 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mod Circles Dress

This dress started out as a sheath dress and I just didn't like it how it turned out.  Since I had a little bit of fabric left over, I decided to transform it into a 1/2 circle dress.   I found the fabric a few months ago at Joann's in the their Calico cotton section.  It's a dark brown background with circles in various shades of blues.

I pretty much winged it and didn't use a pattern although I did draft my own for the skirt portion.  For the top, I cut out the fabric in a "T" shape, added a couple of panels in the front bodice and added a zipper in the back. Adding darts in the front and back helped to make it more fitted. 

For the first time since I started sewing, I made a full dress with very little mistakes and an incredible amount of patience that I have no idea where it came it from.  It's still a little shorter than I like but I worked with what I had left and I absolutely love how this came out!

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Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Tunic Top

During my sewing spree the other day, I whipped up this shirt in about an hour with this fantastic shiny, fancy fabric I found for $5 at Michael Levine.  I love that I can wear this two different ways:  belted or loose.  It looks great either way.

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New Tshirt Refashions

I figured out how to set up an in-home photography studio in the tiny apartment I call home.  I now no longer have to wait for a friend to take my picture nor will I need to lay down my latest creation flat to show it off.  It's amazing what white fabric hung up, a step stool, a tabletop tripod and the timer on my camera can do.  Add in Photoshop to clean up the pictures and voila!  I have some very professional looking photos.  Well, as professional as it is to me since I'm just mostly a point and shoot picture taker.  With all that being are some of the t-shirts I remade recently.  These are all made from either a Mens L or XL shirt. 

Rock Steady Tee I found in Phoenix

The XX
Chris Isaak tour shirt with 3/4 length sleeves. 

Same shirt as above but I decided to cut off the sleeves.  I like this version much better.

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