Monday, July 4, 2011

Kawaii Bear Billfold Wallet

It pretty much took me all day in between doing other stuff, but I spent my 4th of July holiday making this billfold wallet for a coworker for her birthday. She had originally wanted to commission me to make this wallet a few months ago but we never got around to finalizing anything so I decided to surprise her the next time I see her at work.

I'm pretty proud of how this turned out seeing this was my first time making this type of wallet. I could have made things a lot easier if I machine stitched everything but I like sewing by hand. The internal blue compartment and white card pockets were machine stitched to give it a cleaner look. Everything else was hand stitched. I didn't like the back of the wallet to be plain so I decided to put her initials within a fluffy cloud to give a little bit of personalization.

I am pretty sure the next few billfolds I make will not take me all day to make just one :)

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