Sunday, May 6, 2012

Plants and Zombies Sunflower!

This was a custom request plush from a friend for the Singing Sunflower from "Plants and Zombies" and World of Warcraft.  She's 12 inches tall, her head is 9" wide and the base with petals is 10.5" in diameter.

I've never made a plush like this before so it was a bit of a challenge for me to figure it out since I don't usually make plushies.  This was actually a lot easier and took a lot less time than I thought.  A while back I had bought some faux flowers from Michael's to make hair clips with and saved one of the bendable stems for a future project.  That stem came in handy for this future project as I shaped the ends to be able to hold up the sunflower head and also to make her stand.  Only her head has been stuffed with polyfill.  I was concerned that the stuffing might actually make her fall over if the base and stem was stuffed so I left the those the way they were.

All in all, I'm very proud of how she turned out and I see a lot more plushies to be made in the future :)

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