Thursday, October 3, 2013

Son of a Beach! (in a jar)

After I made my decision a few months ago that I wanted to move back to Georgia to be closer to family, I decided to bring as much of California back with me as possible.  Mainly the beaches because I love being near the ocean (nevermind that I can't swim).  When Ball Canning had their vintage blue mason jars reproduced, I ordered a case because the blue was perfect for my Beach Memories in a Jar and started my research on Pinterest.

For this project, I made two jars: one for me and one for my friend using the shells and rocks she collected.  For my jar, I put in a broken oyster shell, a large flat rock to keep the the shells from being submerged too much underneath the sand and a few shells collected from El Matador Beach near Malibu.  Originally, I wanted to put in a toothpick sign I made but there really wasn't any room in the jar to do so and the signs, well, they sucked.  I ended up using kraft cardstock and cutting a circle template and labeling the beach and year said sand and shells came from and inserted in on top of the metal circle of the lid.  Which, I actually like much better than the original sign idea.

The toothpick signs I ended up not using.

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