Wednesday, September 17, 2014

T-Shirt Refashion: From a Kid's Shirt to a Woman's Shirt

How many times have you gone shopping for a kid and see a pattern or design you like and thought "I wish I could wear this"?  With a some sewing skills (or a friend with sewing skills), you can covert a kid's shirt to one you can wear :)

My cousin gave me this shirt that her 6 year old son outgrew so I did stuff to it so that *I* can wear it.  Humerously (see what I did there?  haha), after the redo, the ribcage on the shirt seemed to line up perfectly on my body.

Sixe 5 Kids Shirt
I cut off the sleeves and the collar, added side panels to widen the shirt and a band on the bottom to lengthen.  I kept the edges from the cut collar and sleeve holes raw. 

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