Thursday, August 16, 2012

#12 of the Pinterest Craft Challenge - clutch purse

I'm going to stop referring to days since I'm obviously behind and can't seem to catch up on my 30 day Craft Challenge due to work and other priorities that come up.  I'm still committed to doing 30 craft projects but until/unless I catch up, it's not likely it will be within the 30 days I had planned.  With that being said, here is #12: a clutch purse and the original inspiration.

Once again, as you can see, I did my own thing.  I added in an extra pocket and made my clutch more round. You would think I would have remembered just last week when I made this round zippered pouch that sewing round and round and I do not get along at the moment.  Definitely not perfectly round and definitely not perfect.  I can see all the flaws and I'm sure you can point out one or two to me.  However, once the challenge is over, I will be remaking another one more to my liking.  To think, this one was already my second attempt.  I really do like this and chances are, no one will notice the flaws anyway, but we are our own worst critic :)

Something pretty rad that I just noticed that was completely unplanned is that when the clutch is closed, the stripes seem to match up almost perfectly. 

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