Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 11 of the 30 Day Pinterest Craft Challenge - Gather Skirt

The inspiration:  Gather Skirt (an Etsy tutorial)

My version: 

I didn't exactly follow the tutorial (no surprise there) but once again, I didn't have enough fabric so I added a white hem.  I originally added in a ruffle hem but it didn't look right.  Not to mention, the original ruffle I added was the same fabric print as the skirt but when I was near done, I realized I didn't have enough of the fabric.  So, out came the seam ripper, then added in the white ruffle, didn't like the way it looked, ripped that out and finally just added in the basic white block hem.  Although I pre-washed the fabric, it's still a little stiff so hopefully, after a couple more washes, it will soften up and lay not so poofy.  Overall, I do like the skirt and the cherry blossom print. Although the hem could use some ironing :)

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