Monday, May 5, 2014

"Frozen" Inspired Elsa Dress

I would not have attempted to make a Frozen inspired Elsa dress if my friend hadn't asked me to make one for her almost 4 year old daughter.  And when I agreed, I already started constructing it in my head even though I haven't seen the movie yet.  Once again, I've surprised myself.   There's definitely some improvements I can make, but overall, I think this came out pretty darn cute and I think the said little girl will like her new dress. 

The dress had many components.  Normally, I would be intimidated but I didn't really think about it and just dove right in.  (It did help that there was a little girl on the opposite of the country waiting as patiently as she could for her dress).  I couldn't find anything with snowflakes on it (very surprised by the lack of considering how big Frozen is right now) but I did manage to find some sparkly material for the cape and snowflake buttons that I sewed in by hand.  I also added in a sparkly tulle overlay to make the dress more Princess (er, Queen) like.  To top it, I found a very inexpensive blue crown that happened to match so I glued on some extra snowflake buttons to make it more snow queen-ish.

The back of the dress with attached cape.

The snowflakes were sewn by hand.

The Queen is not complete without her crown

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