Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Didn't Mean To Make This: Jack Skellington Refashion Tee

I totally did not intend for this recon shirt to come out the way it did.  Originally, it was supposed to be a simple resizing recon.  The original shirt was given to me by one of my best friends years ago and I wore the heck out of it.  Color fading, a hole in the shirt and a stain is an indication of how much I love shirt.  However, over time, I wore it less and less because I didn't like how short it had become or how boxy it was (although I still wore it occasionally).

My plan was to take in the sides and sleeves and to lengthen it.  Well, I did all I had planned except the sleeves ended up being too tight so I ended up taking out the sleeves but still wasn't happy with it.  I wanted to make something different from what I normally make.  So I went back to my computer to do some research on how to add sleeves.  Like zippers, adding in made-from-scratch sleeves intimidated me.  But intimidate no more.  Like putting in zippers, once i got the hang of it, it was easy peasy.   In fact, putting in sleeves is a lot easier than putting in a zipper. 

This simple recon ended up taking a few hours because of the sleeves and the collar hem.  Not to mention, the striped fabric was being ornery.  In the end, I won.  I shall now be wearing this shirt until the sleeves fall out.

Here are some more pics...

This shows how boxy and short the original shirt was.

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