Friday, January 4, 2013

Color Block Tank

This is a color block tank I made that actually started out as a skirt.  Well, it was actually a very matronly skirt (it didn't come out the way I expected) that I made for the Craft Challenge that I decided I didn't like how it fit.  The more I cut to try to "fix" it, the smaller and smaller it became until it fit like a mini skirt.  I can't do minis (I'm not 20 anymore) unless I rock them with fishnets and boots so this mini instead became a tank.  A color block tank specifically because I needed something other than another black tank and something that would look nicer than a wife beater tank.  Ok.  So, it's not much of a color block but it has some color now.  I'm in love with banded bottoms so naturally, I had to add one to this tank.

I used two different knits for the tank because I really don't like the original knit I got.  It's too clingy and works better as a shirt opposed to a tank.  The banded bottom and the teal is a heavier knit but not clingy.

Here's the closeup of the top part.

I think this would look adorable under a 3/4 sleeve cardigan with the color peeping out from the open top of the sweater.  It would also work by itself and looks nicer than a regular tank if you needed a nicer looking top. Which I do.  Did.  Mission accomplished.

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