Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Smoooches! Lips Shaped Wristlet

I love making shaped pouches.  That's why I'm partly so obsessed with working with felt (it has more stability and I can be more creative with it).  But this is not a felt awesomeness project.  This is just plain sewing awesomeness.  I made this saucy red lips wristlet for a 16 year old after I looked through Pinterest for inspiration.  Originally, I wanted to make her a make up bag to house the Victoria Secret's lotion and body spray I bought as part of her birthday gift.  But I couldn't find the "right one' to make.  Don't get me wrong....I pinned a lot of the make up bags I saw for me.  This kid has her own style, so not just any type of bag will do.  That is until I saw this pin and I knew....*this* was the one (if only finding m soulmate would be just as easy :)

I drew out a template, used red vinyl and a red zipper I already had and went to town.  Less than an hour later, the lips were done.  I didn't add a lining to it because I couldn't really figure it out it didn't really need it (the vinyl is sturdy enough and the inside looks fine the way it is). 

The wristlet can be used to hold makeup or as a clutch purse.  Definitely roomy enough to hold at least a cell phone, lipstick, keys and the cash and card stash. 

When I'm not feeling so lazy tired, I'm going to put together a tutorial.

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