Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY Custom Labels

For a while,   I've been putting off getting custom labels made for my sewing projects.  I know I desperately needed to brand my items but I didn't have any artwork ready and continued to put it off.  The other day, I decided to get my artwork together for my labels and hunted on Etsy for a vendor.  I really don't have patience to put my projects on hold while I waited weeks for my labels.  Then I decided to see how hard was it to make my own.  It wasn't.  Considering that I already had everything except the twill tape, which I got here.
Twill tape, Fray Check, transfer paper and parchment paper (not shown) are needed for the labels.

Really, if you can put together some artwork, print it out backwards on the transfer paper and iron, you're all set.  You might have to add some finishing touches like sealing the ends with Fray Check.  Other than that, it's pretty simple. 

Don't forget to print out your artwork backwards.
 Here is the tutorial I followed to my make own.  And no having to wait weeks for them to be ready.  Unless you're putting them off.    

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