Sunday, August 19, 2012

Craft #13 of the Pinterest Craft Challenge - decorated keys

Decoupaged, glittered and baubled keys
 So, this is one of the easiest projects for the craft challenge, but yet, somehow I kept putting it off because although I liked it at the time pinned it, I just didn't love it.  But once I started glittering, I started getting all these different ideas.  I have a bunch of keys that I salvaged off of broken train cases that I used to decorate which was perfect for this project.  Although the keys are non-functional, they would look great with a ballchain to use as a pendant.  I'm not crazy about the glitter one I made, but I'm in love with the bauble one (surprisingly) and of course the pinup ones.  I plan on making more.  I still have a plethora of ideas :)

Which ones do you like and what would you like to see on the key?  One day, when I have time, I'll actually freehand some art on art it. 

The Inspiration:

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